Sportcraft SpongeBob and Friends Waterslide with Sports Center

Featuring a bundle of fun features, the Sportcraft SpongeBob and Friends Waterslide with Sports Center provides a myriad of joy and excitement. During the summer season, water activities are something children anticipate for. This inflatable water park provides many different water activities all in one unit that promise to keep the children busy for many hours on end.

The Sportcraft SpongeBob and Friends inflatable waterslide features a fun and smooth slide, basketball hoop and volleyball net, an exciting climber, and an overhead sprinkler all integrated in one unit. Children will love to splash in the water, throw the ball over the net or in the basket, climb up the easy gripping wall, and get sprinkled with water before they slide down the exciting slide.

This SpongeBob-themed waterslide with Sports Center lets the children enjoy during the summer while making them physically active and developing their social and interpersonal skills as they play along with other children.

This inflatable water park is designed for children aged 3 till 11. However, younger children of 3 to 5 years should be supervised when they climb up the wall. The maximum weight it can take is 240 pounds but the weight per user has to be around 100 pounds. Although adults would be tempted to use it, it is not suitable for it.

The bright colors and coral features like jelly fish canopy make it great for water fun. It is made of high grade PVC and is designed to last a long time to come.


  • Includes a water slide with detachable overhead sprinkler that makes the slide slippery and more exciting
  • Bright and cool colors with SpongeBob theme and jelly fish canopy
  • Basketball hoop, detachable volleyball net and ball included with it to provide a water sports center for the children to enjoy while they splash away
  • Heavy duty continuous fan blower included which sets it up in less than 2 minutes
  • The unit deflates and packs up in a small carrying case which is included with it
  • Repair kit to make repairing and maintenance easy that increases the lifespan of the unit
  • Exciting climbing wall to make it easy yet adventurous to climb on the slide
  • Made from heavy duty, puncture resistant material that will ensure that the product lasts for a long time to come
  • Unit measures 17’9″L x 9’8″W x 9’H which is large enough to allow up to 5 children to play on it

How to assemble the Sportcraft SpongeBob and Friends Waterslide with Sports Center?

To inflate the unit, it only takes a minute or two. The unit should be connected to the blower and it inflates by itself without any intervention. The blower should be left connected while it is being used. The water should be filled manually using any water pipe and hose. The overhead sprinkler should be connected to the water hose. The volleyball net can be attached easily if the children want to use it.

Tips for deflating the unit

Usually it is a problem for people to deflate such massive units especially when there is water in it. Since there is no drain hole in it, of course, it becomes difficult to drain the water out.

However, the unit can first be deflated and then the water can be drained so that it will be easy. The water will drain out itself if the unit is deflated. Other than this, one of the sides can be dropped down to allow the water to flow out. This will help in easy deflation.

User review

“We bought it for summer to have something to get out children busy for the entire summer vacations. It was a big hit at our home and the entire neighborhood was dying to come over and use it. However, the maximum weight capacity did not allow more than 5 small children at a time so the other kids who could not use it were a little disappointed. But it was great for our own children and they simply love to play on it every day during vacations. They even refuse to go out anywhere!”

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