Bounce House Maintenance Tips

Some Helpful and Easy Tips for maintaining your inflatable


Childhood is the time when one can enjoy the most, with a life free of worries and tensions and with playtime the most important part during this period. Among the various fun filled activities for kids, bouncing is something they enjoy a lot. Bounce houses have been used for long, and children of all ages love to bounce on them, and have fun and entertainment while building great memories of their childhood. Bounce houses are not just a source of fun and enjoyment for kids, but they are also a source of physical activity. Nowadays, rarely would there be any kids party organized without an inflatable bounce house.

While a bounce house is a great attraction for kids, it is equally important to maintain it. Maintaining it, will not just help in providing the bounce house a longer life, but it is also important for the safety of the kids and for health and sanitary issues.

Here’s some bounce house maintenance tips provided that will help extend the lifetime of your inflatable toy.

1. Only allow kids within the age limit, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Most inflatables for kids are only suitable up to 10 years old. Weight is also a thing to consider, as children who exceed the minimum limit allowed per user can cause damage to the bounce house. You should strictly follow the age and weight limit mentioned by the bounce house manufacturer, and only allow those kids who are within the age and weight limit to get over the bounce house.

2. Make sure that the kids take off their shoes before entering the bouncing house, and remove any sharp thing they have, including jewelry and key chains.

In case any sharp thing gets in, it may result in the bounce house getting punctured, so anything that can cause a puncture should never be worn inside the bounce house.

3. Clean and sanitize the bounce house properly.

To start the cleaning of inflatable bounce house, you must start with the vacuuming of the inflatable unit from the inside. Once the whole of it is vacuumed, the fabric should be rubbed gently with soapy water, using a sponge or a smooth brush. This must be done with intense care, since the slightest of carelessness could result in the whole of it getting damaged. The type of cleaning formula used is also something to be brought under consideration.

When you buy the bounce house, make sure to contact the manufacture and ask him about the cleaning solution allowed for that fabric. Again cleaning and sanitizing the bounce house is not just to prevent it from getting dirty, but it is also important for the health of the kids who bounce on it, since the surface can be a breeding ground for bacteria. It is important that after every event, it must be cleaned properly, to remove any dirt and stains from it, as well as to get rid of bacteria.

By following these bounce house maintenance tips, your bounce house is sure to stay with you for a long time.