Lion’s Den Bounce House with Slide review

Lion’s Den Bounce House

Hold a great birthday party for your kids and their friends with the Lion’s Den Bounce House with Slide, otherwise known as the Lion’s Den Bounce N’ Slide.

Now, you no longer need to bring the kids to a theme park just so they can play on an inflatable bounce house. And they don’t have to wait until theirs or another kid’s birthday – have a theme park in your own backyard!


With a bouncing space of 7 x 14 ft, and a lion’s head design to add more to the fun, the kids will feel like it’s their birthday everyday and they’ll love you so much for it. With a 500-pound weight limit, up to 5 kids aged 3 years and above can play at a time. Even toddlers can bounce away all day on the Lion’s Den Bounce House without you having to worry about their safety.


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  • Colorful and fun design
  • Cushioned entrance in the back and the lion’s tongue that serves as a big double slide in the front that is almost 5 ft tall
  • Inflated rock wall as access to the slide
  • Roofed for shade on a sunny day
  • Provision for 2 separate ball pits (PVC balls are optional and sold separately) or areas for small children
  • Comes with a blower or air pump, bag and instruction manual
  • Dimensions of 16’ x 14.9’ x 11.7’H, and carton weight of 125 lbs

How to assemble the Lion’s Den Bounce House with Slide by Kidwise?

It’s easy as 1-2-3. With the air pump or blower, putting the bounce house up couldn’t be any easier. If you’ve tried inflating an airbed, or any other inflatable, it’s the same thing. Just plug the air pump into the bounce house and watch it inflate in just a few minutes!

Make sure that you do not over-inflate it, though, as that can cause the bounce house’s material to break at the seams and create holes where air could escape when too much pressure is applied on it. You may also want to check the manual first before doing anything, for any special instructions.

Taking care of the king of the jungle

Like any other inflatable, keep any sharp object away from it at all costs. This means not having shoes on, pointy objects, and anything else that can puncture or cause a rip on the material.

Although it would be nice to have it up all the time for kids to play on, inflatables also need to be deflated and stored every now and then, especially when the weather gets too harsh, as excessive heat tends to take its toll on this kind of product. When storing the bounce house, make sure that it is dry, then fold or roll it and keep it in its carry bag. You may also keep it in a storage box for added protection.

Should you find a hole in the bounce house after having used it for a while, make sure to patch it up immediately. Created by Kidwise, the Lion’s Den Bounce House also comes with a repair kit which you can use to fix and cover the hole. Using the provided material for repair is more advisable to use than duct tape or any other adhesive tapes.

When cleaning the inflatable, you can use a damped cloth with mild detergent. Wipe it dry afterwards and then store it.

User reviews

This was purchased for my son’s party on his 4th year, and for all of our three children’s birthday parties in the coming years. Children from 18 months to four and a half years had so much fun with this bounce house during the party, most especially with the big slide. Even my almost 2 year old child had fun climbing the wall and go down the slide with ease. The paws on the front are huge enough that a bag of 100 balls didn’t even fill one of them halfway. The bounce house is of very good quality and construction, and I am really glad we went with this one.

– by a mom of 3

Bounceland castle w/hoop inflatable bounce house bouncer review

Bounceland Castle Bounce N' Slide w/hoopThe perfect inflatable entertainment for young kids three years of age and up, the Bounceland Castle inflatable bounce house bouncer is great for parties and indoor/outdoor play areas. The castle is a 144x84x108 inflatable bouncer with basketball hoop and slide it also includes a large carrying bag, ground stakes and instructions.

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Providing hours of safe fun all year round, this bouncy castle is made of 14-to-16-ounce heavy-duty laminated and coated vinyl and nylon puncture proof materials that have double to quadruple stitches and reinforced seams ensuring durability and also meet ASTM F963 standards for Toy Safety. Also included is a strong UL blower.

The castle is perfect for kid parties indoor or outside with its colorful spacious bouncing area (77”x77”) which is large enough for several kids to enjoy at the same time.

Maximum weight: 250 lbs.

Warranty: The Bounceland Castle has a 90 day warranty. The blower has a one year warranty.

Key Features:

  • Spacious bounce house with castle top
  • Attractive bright colors perfect for parties
  • Compact size accommodating indoor fun
  • 77” x77” jumping area, 60” slide for plenty of play area
  • Velcro opening for safe entrance and exit

Users frequently remark in reviews about the overall sturdiness and good quality of materials. Even the extension cord is top quality with a well-made GFCI safety plug.

The bounce castle also comes with a repair kit just in case it is needed.

Assembly of the Bounceland Castle:

The blower is not too loud and easily inflates the unit in less than two minutes. The castle is easy to setup (2 minutes) and take down (5 minutes). Once deflated, you will find that the unit and blower fit into the bag for easy storage. Although there are overwhelming positive reviews for this inflatable unit, one negative that some users have commented upon is that it’s possible for young kids to fall a two foot drop off the side entrance. This issue can easily be fixed when an adult is able to tie up the side entrance to prevent falls.

What users are actually saying:

“VERY happy with purchase! Excellent durable construction, big enough for three kids yet compact enough to take in-doors for bad weather play, especially during winter.”


      • Product size on arrival is true to manufacturer dimensions
      • Materials castle is made from are better than expected and comparable in quality to commercial bouncers
      • Outstanding material quality
      • Acceptable safety with adult supervision
      • Easy set-up and take down


      • Flimsy storage bag
      • Basketball hoop is too low for older kids to play with and just ok for younger kids
      • Patch is included but no glue is provided by the company

– Review by Jace

Blast Zone Great White Water Slide review

Blast Zone Great White Water Slide for kids

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A fantastic time for young tykes and children alike (recommended ages 5+), the Blast Zone Great White Water Slide is a mini water ride that’s fun for everyone. Made of composite materials, this durable indoor/outdoor waterslide sets up quickly and can handle up to two shark-loving children at a time. Kids can climb up the back of the shark’s head, crawl through his mouth, and slide down the safe slope slide to splash and play in the whitewater pool.

Designed for year round use, this inflatable home water ride features a fun shark theme, a water sprayer, safety netting, bright primary colors, and easy setup and storage.

Product Features:

  • A continuous blower for safe, reliable high performance continuous use. (UL-Listed)
  • A quick deflation valve to make storage and transport a snap
  • Rolls up to the size of a large sleeping bag, designed to be easy to lift and easy to store
  • Instant gratification with an inflation time of just one minute
  • Repair Kit for accidental rips or tears
  • Dimensions
    • Unit Perimeter Approx – 6′ W x 21′ L x 7′ H
    • Slide Dimensions Approx. – 6′ W x 9′ L x 6′ H
    • Weight without Blower – 50 lbs
  • Capacity
    • Maximum Occupancy – 1-2 Users no greater then 200lbs.

How to assemble your Blast Zone Great White Water Slide:

Minimal assembly is required. Just set it up on level ground, plug the blower into the inflation port, hook up the sprayers, fill up the pool and you’re pretty much ready to go.

This fun water slide is only 50 lbs. and comes in a handy carrying case. Made of durable materials, it can handle one to two users weighing up to 200 lbs (about 90 kg), total.

It comes with the inflatable unit, a blower, ground stakes, a repair kit, and instructions.

The slide can be used wet or dry, and it can be fully set up and ready to go in around 15 minutes. Blowing it up takes only a minute or so, and it comes with a set of eight stakes, which are used to anchor it to the ground.

This slide is eight feet tall, has a climbing wall, and safety netting. The climbing wall is clearly designed with young kids in mind, but as long as an adult is less than 200 lbs., mom or dad can join in too. The overall construction is very solid and with proper care and use, it will handle even the most rambunctious kids.

When the fun’s over, packing it up is easy. The slide must be completely dry, which can take some time, before it’s ready to be returned to the carrying case. Once dry, the included instruction set will illustrate how the slide is to be re-folded and placed back into its case.

Little Tikes Shady Jump And Slide Bouncer Review

Little Shady Jump 'n slide bouncer for kidsAn exciting and fun filled backyard inflatable, Little Tikes Shady Jump and Slide Bouncer features a bouncing surface and a slide with an arched canopy to provide constant shade to the children and let them have unlimited fun outdoors. It comes with full protection for the children with mesh doors and sides to keep the children from falling off from the bouncing surface while also allowing parents to watch their children have fun in the bouncer.

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This best seller toy from Little Tikes is indeed a great addition to your backyard which will provide unlimited entertainment for your children. Children simply never get bored with this jump and slide bouncer!

This bouncer is recommended for children aged 36 months to 15 years. However, the weight capacity is 250 lbs. which means even an adult or a parent can also bounce along with his child as long as the total weight doesn’t exceed 250 lbs. Yet, no more than 3 children are allowed inside and it is designed for home use only.


  • Made with a puncture proof material
  • Includes an arched canopy to provide constant shade outdoors
  • Mesh doors with hook and loop closures at the back to ensure easy entrance in the bouncer and for protecting the children
  • Mesh sides to prevent children from falling off the bouncer
  • Mesh pockets at the sides to store shoes and other items safely
  • Heavy duty blower included
  • Stakes included that set the bouncer firmly in place
  • 67 inches maximum height from the surface of the bouncer to canopy

How to assemble the Little Tikes Shady Jump and Slide Bouncer?

Assembling this jump and slide bouncer is very easy with the detailed instruction leaflet included. It comes in a small package in a storage bag. It should be inflated using the blower and then the blower should be connected to it continuously while the children are playing.

The stakes should be used to put the bouncer firmly in place. For more details, just refer to the instruction leaflet.


Maintenance tips for Little Tikes Shady Jump and Slide Bouncer

This inflatable toy is no doubt, fun- filled, entertaining and attractive to children. However, without proper maintenance and care, it will not last long.

To increase durability, keep it away from humidity and moisture as the material is not water resistant. Always pack it up after using and store it safely indoors. Avoid using it in rainy weather.

To keep the canopy clean, don’t place the bouncer under a tree otherwise the leaves, twigs and insects will get all trapped up in the canopy.

Separate parts of the bouncer are also available and so, it allows the user to easily repair it when needed.

User reviews

“I bought it for my 18 month old daughter and she simply loves it. I love to watch her have fun outside and do something other than picking up dirt and flowers. She plays in it for countless hours daily and never gets bored. Even my nice is here every day to enjoy in this great bouncer toy. It is also very easy to pack it up and assemble it again. To protect it from weather, I always pack it up at night and then again put it up in the morning. Even though I am five months pregnant, I have no problem in packing it and putting it up again every day.
Definitely a must- buy for all children!”

Jungle Inflatable Bounce House with Slide Review

Jungle Inflatable Bounce House with Slide for kidsBeing one of the biggest bounce houses in the range, the Jungle Inflatable Bounce House with Slide is a perfect addition to your child’s accessory list. It comprises a number of key features, including being able to bounce, climb and slide. The inside bouncing vicinity covers an area of 8.5ft x 7ft. It even comes with a basketball hoop and a fun climbing wall to add to the excitement. The fun climbing wall leads to a 10 ft long slide.

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The latest version of the bounce house comes complete with a Velcro roof top – ideal for those hot days. The bounce house is particularly a big hit amongst the 3 to 10 age group. The unit is designed to withstand a maximum weight of 500 lbs.

Key Features

  • Huge inflated external area of 13 ft x12 ft x 9 ft H with a heavy duty material for the bouncing base
  • Powered by a powerful UL blower with a lengthy fill tube. Can be inflated in a matter of seconds
  • Commercial 1 HP blower with 25 ft power cord with GFCI
  • Basketball hoop and extra slide surface for additional sturdiness
  • Heavy duty puncture proof material with double to quadruple stitching
  • Large pillars all around for a sturdy bounce formation
  • Ground stakes bundle, hefty carry bag and repair kit with operational directions
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use (stakes or sandbags are not required for indoor usage)

How to Assemble the Jungle Inflatable Bounce House

  1. Remove all items from the box and arrange in a open area
  2. Unfold the bounce house
  3. Lay the bounce house out on the ground
  4. Attach the tie intake sleeve to the air blower
  5. Plug into the power socket
  6. Inflate as required
  7. Hammer the anchor stacks into the ground
  8. Get the kids ready and use the bounce house as required 😉

Helpful tips in getting the most out of this bouncy house

The bounce house is straightforward for two people to assemble, but can be difficult for one. You might consider placing a tarp under the bounce house to avoid unnecessary damage and keep it clean. The tarp also helps to prevent grass from entering the bounce house when the children get on and of the slide.

The stakes that are provided with the kit are plastic. It is sensible to drive a metal stake into the ground first and then insert the plastic ones to simplify the process.

Be sure to allow ample time to remove the air when it comes time to put the product away. It can be difficult to deflate the bouncer small enough so that it fits into the supplied bag; for the purpose of ease you may think about purchasing an outdoor storage bin for effortless storage.

You can rest assured that the supplier is very responsive should you happen to have the need to contact them for after sales service.

User review on the Jungle Inflatable Bounce House with Slide:

“We have four young children age 2 to 7 years who truly adore the bounce house. It is easy to assemble and it is not that difficult to dismantle either. Although it does take a while to get the air out and roll it up, we have never had trouble returning it back into the bag – it takes approximately 15 minutes to get the job done. We used it for birthday parties and other occasions. The children are particularly fond of the slide. From my experience, the fabric which the jungle bounce is made of feels much more comfortable when rubbed against skin compared to the big commercial ones which usually feels rubbery. I am certain that we’ll be using this for a long time, until my kids grow out of it.”

Review written by E. Ambrogi