Little Tikes Shady Jump And Slide Bouncer Review

Little Shady Jump 'n slide bouncer for kidsAn exciting and fun filled backyard inflatable, Little Tikes Shady Jump and Slide Bouncer features a bouncing surface and a slide with an arched canopy to provide constant shade to the children and let them have unlimited fun outdoors. It comes with full protection for the children with mesh doors and sides to keep the children from falling off from the bouncing surface while also allowing parents to watch their children have fun in the bouncer.

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This best seller toy from Little Tikes is indeed a great addition to your backyard which will provide unlimited entertainment for your children. Children simply never get bored with this jump and slide bouncer!

This bouncer is recommended for children aged 36 months to 15 years. However, the weight capacity is 250 lbs. which means even an adult or a parent can also bounce along with his child as long as the total weight doesn’t exceed 250 lbs. Yet, no more than 3 children are allowed inside and it is designed for home use only.


  • Made with a puncture proof material
  • Includes an arched canopy to provide constant shade outdoors
  • Mesh doors with hook and loop closures at the back to ensure easy entrance in the bouncer and for protecting the children
  • Mesh sides to prevent children from falling off the bouncer
  • Mesh pockets at the sides to store shoes and other items safely
  • Heavy duty blower included
  • Stakes included that set the bouncer firmly in place
  • 67 inches maximum height from the surface of the bouncer to canopy

How to assemble the Little Tikes Shady Jump and Slide Bouncer?

Assembling this jump and slide bouncer is very easy with the detailed instruction leaflet included. It comes in a small package in a storage bag. It should be inflated using the blower and then the blower should be connected to it continuously while the children are playing.

The stakes should be used to put the bouncer firmly in place. For more details, just refer to the instruction leaflet.


Maintenance tips for Little Tikes Shady Jump and Slide Bouncer

This inflatable toy is no doubt, fun- filled, entertaining and attractive to children. However, without proper maintenance and care, it will not last long.

To increase durability, keep it away from humidity and moisture as the material is not water resistant. Always pack it up after using and store it safely indoors. Avoid using it in rainy weather.

To keep the canopy clean, don’t place the bouncer under a tree otherwise the leaves, twigs and insects will get all trapped up in the canopy.

Separate parts of the bouncer are also available and so, it allows the user to easily repair it when needed.

User reviews

“I bought it for my 18 month old daughter and she simply loves it. I love to watch her have fun outside and do something other than picking up dirt and flowers. She plays in it for countless hours daily and never gets bored. Even my nice is here every day to enjoy in this great bouncer toy. It is also very easy to pack it up and assemble it again. To protect it from weather, I always pack it up at night and then again put it up in the morning. Even though I am five months pregnant, I have no problem in packing it and putting it up again every day.
Definitely a must- buy for all children!”

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