Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race for kids

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Perfect for unlimited outdoor fun in the summer, the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race is a must buy to have your very own backyard water slide and to give children something to get engaged in. It provides an adventurous and exciting time and children climb up the wall to the slides, get sprinkled with water before sliding down to the slash pool. The surprise bucket above the wall is yet another feature that will thrill the children and make them yell with fun and delight.

This inflatable water slide is made from a puncture-resistant material and includes a heavy duty blower to provide continuous air flow. The waterslide is made for children from ages 3 to 8 and the maximum weight capacity it can take is 350 pounds. It comes with a 90 day warranty on the fabric while 1 year warranty on the blower.


  • Two thrilling slides with sprinklers that keep the slide slippery
  • One surprise bucket that pour water over the children as they climb up the wall
  • Climbing rock wall to climb up to the slides
  • Wide splash pool with plenty of space to give room to many children to play at once
  • Heavy duty blower included that provides continuous air flow to the slide as children are using it
  • Stakes set the water slide firmly in place
  • Can be hooked up to any water hose in the backyard to get going
  • Safety net on net to prevent falling off from the slide
  • Repair kit included
  • Designed in a way so that parents can watch everything easily

How to assemble the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race?

To put it up, it only requires unfolding the water slide and laying it down on the ground, fully open.

It then needs to be connected to the blower which provides air flow and inflates the water slide.

The blower should be left connected while children are using the slide. The water slide should be connected to any garden water hose to supply the water.


Tips for increasing lifetime of the waterslide

These inflatable waterslides are prone to wear and tear. But if maintained properly, their lifetime can be increased. The waterslide should never be stored wet. After using it, let it dry out completely after draining the water. The proper way to do this is to let the blower run continuously for hours after the water has drained out. Proper cleaning of the slide should be done with a natural cleaning agent. If any surfaces are torn or damaged, they should immediately be repaired.

Maintaining the blower properly

Keep the blower dry and away from moisture and wet conditions. Keep it away from dirt and leaves otherwise it may draw in dirt and leaves.

It should be checked regularly for unsafe parts and equipment and repaired if necessary.
After using it, it should be safely stored indoors in a dry place and in upright condition.

User reviews

Users found it to be incredibly fun and exciting water slide. Most people also find it easy to assemble as well as durable, although they find it hard to maintain with all the time needed in drying it out before storing it.

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