Lion’s Den Bounce House with Slide review

Lion’s Den Bounce House

Hold a great birthday party for your kids and their friends with the Lion’s Den Bounce House with Slide, otherwise known as the Lion’s Den Bounce N’ Slide.

Now, you no longer need to bring the kids to a theme park just so they can play on an inflatable bounce house. And they don’t have to wait until theirs or another kid’s birthday – have a theme park in your own backyard!


With a bouncing space of 7 x 14 ft, and a lion’s head design to add more to the fun, the kids will feel like it’s their birthday everyday and they’ll love you so much for it. With a 500-pound weight limit, up to 5 kids aged 3 years and above can play at a time. Even toddlers can bounce away all day on the Lion’s Den Bounce House without you having to worry about their safety.


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  • Colorful and fun design
  • Cushioned entrance in the back and the lion’s tongue that serves as a big double slide in the front that is almost 5 ft tall
  • Inflated rock wall as access to the slide
  • Roofed for shade on a sunny day
  • Provision for 2 separate ball pits (PVC balls are optional and sold separately) or areas for small children
  • Comes with a blower or air pump, bag and instruction manual
  • Dimensions of 16’ x 14.9’ x 11.7’H, and carton weight of 125 lbs

How to assemble the Lion’s Den Bounce House with Slide by Kidwise?

It’s easy as 1-2-3. With the air pump or blower, putting the bounce house up couldn’t be any easier. If you’ve tried inflating an airbed, or any other inflatable, it’s the same thing. Just plug the air pump into the bounce house and watch it inflate in just a few minutes!

Make sure that you do not over-inflate it, though, as that can cause the bounce house’s material to break at the seams and create holes where air could escape when too much pressure is applied on it. You may also want to check the manual first before doing anything, for any special instructions.

Taking care of the king of the jungle

Like any other inflatable, keep any sharp object away from it at all costs. This means not having shoes on, pointy objects, and anything else that can puncture or cause a rip on the material.

Although it would be nice to have it up all the time for kids to play on, inflatables also need to be deflated and stored every now and then, especially when the weather gets too harsh, as excessive heat tends to take its toll on this kind of product. When storing the bounce house, make sure that it is dry, then fold or roll it and keep it in its carry bag. You may also keep it in a storage box for added protection.

Should you find a hole in the bounce house after having used it for a while, make sure to patch it up immediately. Created by Kidwise, the Lion’s Den Bounce House also comes with a repair kit which you can use to fix and cover the hole. Using the provided material for repair is more advisable to use than duct tape or any other adhesive tapes.

When cleaning the inflatable, you can use a damped cloth with mild detergent. Wipe it dry afterwards and then store it.

User reviews

This was purchased for my son’s party on his 4th year, and for all of our three children’s birthday parties in the coming years. Children from 18 months to four and a half years had so much fun with this bounce house during the party, most especially with the big slide. Even my almost 2 year old child had fun climbing the wall and go down the slide with ease. The paws on the front are huge enough that a bag of 100 balls didn’t even fill one of them halfway. The bounce house is of very good quality and construction, and I am really glad we went with this one.

– by a mom of 3

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