KidWise Arc Arena II Sports Bounce House review

KidWise Arc Arena II Sports Bounce House

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The KidWise Arc Arena II Sports Bounce House is the best play set any active and sporty kid could have. If your kid wants to be the next Jeremy Lin or David Beckham, you should definitely consider getting this bounce house.

It provides hours and hours of fun playtime and promotes good sportsmanship, as kids can play soccer and basketball in it – very good alternatives for when they get tired of jumping around.

Recommended for kids 3 years and up, with a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs. The manufacturer advises a maximum user count of 4 at one time, but it can very well fit more according to one user.


  • An open goal on each end for soccer
  • Vertical hoops with nets atop the goals for basketball
  • Overall dimension of 10’ W x20’L x 10’H
  • 6 neoprene balls included
  • Air blower, stakes, zip carry bag and instructions also included

How to assemble the KidWise Arc Arena II Sports Bounce House?

Setting up and taking down the Arc Arena II Sports Bounce House is fairly easy. A single person can perform the whole process on his or her own. The product, when not yet inflated, can be a little heavy, though that wouldn’t be much of a problem. Assembly would still be manageable for one person.

By using the air blower or air pump, it should not take more than 5 to 10 minutes to inflate the whole bounce house. Keep in mind that inflating it to the point of popping is not a good idea. Doing so would be like holding your breath for too long. You should let the bounce house “breathe” by leaving a little space for more air. This way, even if you apply the maximum weight limit on product, it won’t pop on the seams.

Safety tips for your KidWise Arc Arena II Sports Bounce House

The Arc Arena II Sports Bounce House comes with specially made balls for a reason.

Needless to say, you must not use other kinds of balls or equipment that have rough surfaces, and are pointy or sharp, on the bounce house which can scratch, poke into, or damage the play set in any way.

Never taking it down and keeping it in storage is also not advisable. Not using it once in a while would ensure a long life for your product. And when you store or put it away, make sure that you put it in its bag dry. Moisture that is locked in for a long time can cause very unfavorable effects.

If, due to excessive use, the product gets holes, remember to use the provided repair kit to patch them up, instead of using duct tape. Depending on the size of the hole, you should allow at least an inch to an inch and a half of covering material around it. Also make sure that you have secured or glued the material on properly and evenly, without gaps or creases on the edges, to avoid having to redo the repair.

User reviews

I am so glad I chose this bounce house over the others I saw on the internet. My kids love it! 5 big kids can easily fit into it with plenty of room to spare, that even I can get in it. It’s also high enough that 5-foot kid does not hit the roof when bouncing. A delightful bonus is the air pump that we use to pump all our other balls with, too.

Considering its size, it’s quite heavy, weighing about 80 pounds, to lift when storing it away and it doesn’t fit into the bag that was provided. Nonetheless, I really like this bounce house. It has plenty of room and allows plenty of different games to play.

–  review by C. Rich

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