Blast Zone Spray N Splash 2 Inflatable Water Park Review

blast zone spray and splash 2 inflatable water park

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Hot weather has never been as fun as a day in the sun with the Spray N Splash 2 by Blast Zone. This is an inflatable water park that you can use at home to turn your back yard into a fun zone using cool water with very little hassle to set up.

All too often, picking out the right water toys to have at home for your kids to enjoy can be a difficult task simply because of the time and effort that it takes to set everything up. However, with the Spray N Splash 2, all you have to hook it up to the continuous blower, set it to inflate and then hook up the hose. Within minutes, you and your children will be able to enjoy a cool and fun water experience.

How to set up the Splash ‘n Spray 2?

climbing up the splash and spray inflatableIn addition to being easy to set up, the Spray N Splash by Blast Zone is also easy to pack up and store or even carry off to another location. Once you are done with it, the inflatable unit will then roll up into the size of about either a medium or large sleeping bag.

When this inflatable water park is set up, there is enough room for up to four children to be able to play and have a great time comfortably. Even someone who is not necessarily knowledgeable on setting up inflatables will find that this Spray N Splash 2 made by Blast Zone is incredibly easy to set up.

With some units for playing with water in the yard, there can be difficulties with the blower with the inflatable. However, with the Spray N Splash 2, you will find that the blower actually runs continuously.

In addition to that, you never have to worry about the air because it flows freely and then it can even escape through both the seams as well as the fabric so you never have to worry about any sort of combustion issue.

Inflatable water slide Safety Concerns

spray and splash 2 inflatable poolIf you are familiar with some of the other Blast Zone inflatable water toys, you may have expressed a concern about the design of the slide or even wishing that there was a better overall flow of use when kids are playing with the Spray N Splash.

Well, with the Spray N Splash 2 by Blast Zone, you will see that there is now an easier way for children to be able to climb back up the slide without having to exit the inflatable completely. Not only does it lend to safety but there is also less introduction of grass, dirt and debris during play. Not only that, but the slide is now completely redesigned for a smoother ride each time.


All in all, there is nothing quite like the ability to set up something so easy and fun for your children to be able to use in the comfort of your own yard. Whenever the weather heats up, you are able to quickly and easily cool your kids down while they have fun in the sun.


Here’s a video review of the Blast Zone Splash ‘n Spray 2:


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