Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park review


Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park for kidsFun for the whole family the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park is the perfect way to have a waterslide in your backyard. Packed with a bunch of fun ways for both adults and kids to keep cool during a sunny day. The Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park has a climbing wall as well as two slides leading to the giant pool. If you prefer to stay dry you can slide in the vortex tunnel or cool off with the shady clubhouse which is up high in the waterslide. All of these activities are available in a quick 3 minutes thanks to the continuous-airflow blower motor which makes inflating and deflating the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park a dream. And thanks to the heavy-duty Dura –Tech UV resistant PVC used in the construction of the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park you know it is going to last through years of fun outdoor activities.

The recommended age for kids using the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park is 5 years 5 months old and upwards but kids from 3-4 years have been known to use the slide under supervision. (Warning small parts choking hazard for kids less than 3 years of age).

Dimensions: 18.5 x 17 x 43 inches

Combined maximum user weight limit: 400 lbs


  • Durable PVC Construction
  • UV Resistant Material (Plastic)
  • Continuous- airflow blower motor
  • Two Slides
  • Wall scaling
  • Large Splash Pool
  • Vortex Tunnel
  • Shady Club house area


Comes with a 60 days limited warranty which cannot be extended.

How to assemble the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park?

Due to its size the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park comes with its own continuous-air blower which can have the slide inflated in less than 5 minutes (sometimes even less). Setting up the slide with water does take considerably longer due to sheer size of the waterslide. But roughly 20 minutes of continuous water from your (average) garden hose has the waterslide up and running.

Increase life

Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park with water slideSome users have reported having an issue with draining water from the waterpark.

Due to the size of the slide, it can sometimes still contain water after being stowed away. This can lead to the PVC material being worn away leading to the splitting of seams and perished PVC overtime.

So make sure that the waterslide is 100% dry when you are putting it away for next time.

User Reviews:

When searching for user reviews online, people were generally happy with this inflatable water park. In fact, one parent, Daniel, even said that the kids were having more fun on this slide than he could ever imagine. Below is a summary of what users generally like and dislike about the Banzai inflatable aqua park.

Easy setup roughly takes 1 hour to be 100% ready to go.
Can hold a large number of kids roughly 5-6 (manufacturer recommends 4-5 kids at a time!)
Fun for roughly 8 hours at a time.
Components are well designed and durable.
Easy to store (easily fits in inexpensive trash cans).

Need large flat area to make sure that the slide is safe for kids.
Drying can take some time due to the slides size.
Bumper guard for the curved slide could be taller to discourage kids to climb.

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    I live in the UAE and I want to buy this game (Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park review)

    How much the price of the game
    How many minimum age for kids?

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