Blast Zone Spray N Splash 2 Inflatable Water Park Review

blast zone spray and splash 2 inflatable water park

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Hot weather has never been as fun as a day in the sun with the Spray N Splash 2 by Blast Zone. This is an inflatable water park that you can use at home to turn your back yard into a fun zone using cool water with very little hassle to set up.

All too often, picking out the right water toys to have at home for your kids to enjoy can be a difficult task simply because of the time and effort that it takes to set everything up. However, with the Spray N Splash 2, all you have to hook it up to the continuous blower, set it to inflate and then hook up the hose. Within minutes, you and your children will be able to enjoy a cool and fun water experience.

How to set up the Splash ‘n Spray 2?

climbing up the splash and spray inflatableIn addition to being easy to set up, the Spray N Splash by Blast Zone is also easy to pack up and store or even carry off to another location. Once you are done with it, the inflatable unit will then roll up into the size of about either a medium or large sleeping bag.

When this inflatable water park is set up, there is enough room for up to four children to be able to play and have a great time comfortably. Even someone who is not necessarily knowledgeable on setting up inflatables will find that this Spray N Splash 2 made by Blast Zone is incredibly easy to set up.

With some units for playing with water in the yard, there can be difficulties with the blower with the inflatable. However, with the Spray N Splash 2, you will find that the blower actually runs continuously.

In addition to that, you never have to worry about the air because it flows freely and then it can even escape through both the seams as well as the fabric so you never have to worry about any sort of combustion issue.

Inflatable water slide Safety Concerns

spray and splash 2 inflatable poolIf you are familiar with some of the other Blast Zone inflatable water toys, you may have expressed a concern about the design of the slide or even wishing that there was a better overall flow of use when kids are playing with the Spray N Splash.

Well, with the Spray N Splash 2 by Blast Zone, you will see that there is now an easier way for children to be able to climb back up the slide without having to exit the inflatable completely. Not only does it lend to safety but there is also less introduction of grass, dirt and debris during play. Not only that, but the slide is now completely redesigned for a smoother ride each time.


All in all, there is nothing quite like the ability to set up something so easy and fun for your children to be able to use in the comfort of your own yard. Whenever the weather heats up, you are able to quickly and easily cool your kids down while they have fun in the sun.


Here’s a video review of the Blast Zone Splash ‘n Spray 2:


Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park review

blast zone hydro rush inflatable waterpark

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With heat waves rolling through everywhere these days, it is going to take more than AC to keep you and your kids cool and happy. If you don’t have a pool or live near the coast, what can you do besides play with the garden hose? You could give the Ultimate Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park a try. This is a toy unlike any you’ve seen before, so let’s take a look at it.

Product Overview:

hydro rush water slideComing in at around eight feet high and with a ten foot splash pool (with water cannon) this is one of the biggest inflatable water parks on the market, and as your kids can attest bigger is better.

The inflatable park is made from the strongest of materials and is highly resistant to scratches, punctures, or cuts.

When inflated, the park can hold up to six children at once, a testament to the design and construction of the toy.

Hydro Rush Waterpark – Pros:

For an inflatable toy that is big and seemingly intricate, this is surprisingly simple to put together the first time. The step by step instructions help you lay everything out safely when setting up, and once you have the park inflated and secured all you need to do is add water.

The kids really seem to love this as it is more than just a water slide: the splash pool gives them a place to relax and spray each other with an included water cannon should the mood strike.

Hydro Rush Inflatable – Cons:

There isn’t much to say against this product; but if you were going to have to nitpick than taking the product down and storing it can be a bit of a challenge at times.

You need to find somewhere to put the water that you used and then you have to wait for the inflatable to dry out before you can safely store it away. You can read more info here on how to maintain bounce houses.

Fixing The Problems:

hydro rush by blast zone - water gunRemoving the water doesn’t have to be that hard, and you can find a pump for a great price if you look around a bit. Many users spread the water into their lawn and garden, saving them a day of using the sprinklers without saturating the water all in one spot.

If you have a clothesline than hanging the inflatable out to dry is an option. Moving your car and leaving it in the driveway on a sunny day has proven effective as well.

Should You Buy It?

If you’re looking to stay cool during what is quickly becoming one of the hottest summers on record in many places, then you can do no better than the Ultimate Blast Zone Hydro Rush personal water park.

It is made from great materials and easy to set up. Kids love it, and there is plenty to do. It doesn’t take up too much space, and can be stored to use for years to come. It is definitely the best alternative to a beach or swimming pool, so go get yours today!

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race for kids

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Perfect for unlimited outdoor fun in the summer, the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race is a must buy to have your very own backyard water slide and to give children something to get engaged in. It provides an adventurous and exciting time and children climb up the wall to the slides, get sprinkled with water before sliding down to the slash pool. The surprise bucket above the wall is yet another feature that will thrill the children and make them yell with fun and delight.

This inflatable water slide is made from a puncture-resistant material and includes a heavy duty blower to provide continuous air flow. The waterslide is made for children from ages 3 to 8 and the maximum weight capacity it can take is 350 pounds. It comes with a 90 day warranty on the fabric while 1 year warranty on the blower.


  • Two thrilling slides with sprinklers that keep the slide slippery
  • One surprise bucket that pour water over the children as they climb up the wall
  • Climbing rock wall to climb up to the slides
  • Wide splash pool with plenty of space to give room to many children to play at once
  • Heavy duty blower included that provides continuous air flow to the slide as children are using it
  • Stakes set the water slide firmly in place
  • Can be hooked up to any water hose in the backyard to get going
  • Safety net on net to prevent falling off from the slide
  • Repair kit included
  • Designed in a way so that parents can watch everything easily

How to assemble the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race?

To put it up, it only requires unfolding the water slide and laying it down on the ground, fully open.

It then needs to be connected to the blower which provides air flow and inflates the water slide.

The blower should be left connected while children are using the slide. The water slide should be connected to any garden water hose to supply the water.


Tips for increasing lifetime of the waterslide

These inflatable waterslides are prone to wear and tear. But if maintained properly, their lifetime can be increased. The waterslide should never be stored wet. After using it, let it dry out completely after draining the water. The proper way to do this is to let the blower run continuously for hours after the water has drained out. Proper cleaning of the slide should be done with a natural cleaning agent. If any surfaces are torn or damaged, they should immediately be repaired.

Maintaining the blower properly

Keep the blower dry and away from moisture and wet conditions. Keep it away from dirt and leaves otherwise it may draw in dirt and leaves.

It should be checked regularly for unsafe parts and equipment and repaired if necessary.
After using it, it should be safely stored indoors in a dry place and in upright condition.

User reviews

Users found it to be incredibly fun and exciting water slide. Most people also find it easy to assemble as well as durable, although they find it hard to maintain with all the time needed in drying it out before storing it.

Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park and Bounce


Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park and Bounce

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Providing loads of fun, adventure and excitement, the Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park and Bounce is the ultimate toy to have to prepare your backyard for the summer season. It is sure to give a blast to the children as they craw though the tunnel, bounce in the bounce house, slide down the thrilling slides, fire away the water cannons and play in endless ways on this water part along with their friends. Featuring many fun features, designed in a safe way, this is surely one of the best water slides. The pirate theme will surely delight the children and will encourage imaginative play.

The water park is made from a commercial- grade, puncture proof material. It is designed for children aged 3 and up. The maximum weight it can take per user is 100 pounds and the maximum weight capacity of the toy is 300 pounds.


  • Crawl through tunnel that leads to a large bounce house
  • A bounce house with safety netting that gives hours of fun to the children while they bounce
  • A waterslide with sprinkler that creates the rapids and makes the slide even more thrilling
  • Splash pool with a large enough space to give room to many children at a time to splash and play
  • Water cannons to let children play in endless ways in the waterpark by firing the cannons and splashing others
  • Heavy duty blower included to provide continuous air flow to the bouncer
  • Repair kit for easy repairing and maintenance of the bouncer
  • Stakes to anchor the bouncer firmly in place

How to assemble the Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park and Bounce?

Instructions for assembly are included. To assemble the waterpark, it requires a user to unfold the toy and lay it down on the floor. Then the user should connect the blower to an electrical outlet and to the bouncer. It will inflate in mere minutes and ready to use. The stakes should be used to anchor the bouncer to the ground and avoid it from falling over. The blower should be left connected while children are using it. The waterpark should be connected to any water hose to supply water to the sprinkler and the water cannons.

Increasing lifetime of the water park

Blast Zone Pirates Bay Water Play park
To make the water park last longer, it requires proper cleaning and maintaining. The user should make sure the water park is clean and free of debris. It should be checked thoroughly for any wear and tear and any torn surface should be repaired immediately.

Make sure the water park is stored after it is completely dry. It is important to let the blower run after draining out the water to dry out the water completely and then store it properly in the storage bag provided.

Make sure the maximum weight capacity does not exceed since it can damage the product and can affect its lifetime.

Make sure the children do not wear any shoes or have pointy things while in the water park and in the bounce house.

User review

Users found this to be perfect equipment to gives endless hours of outdoor fun to their children. Here is what they liked and disliked about it:


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable
  • Hours of fun
  • Attractive


  • Some users find it hard to maintain and clean
  • Hard to drain out water and dry it out

Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer

Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer with water slide

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Providing never-ending fun all year round, the Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer is what children love the most since they can have fun in it regardless of the weather. The bounce house can be used dry or wet. During summertime, you can hook it up to a water hose and it becomes a thrilling water slide while in cooler weather, throw in balls to make it an exciting ball pit, bounce house and a cool slide.

Made from commercial grade PVC, this bouncer is sure to last a long time. It is designed with safety features to make it safe for children to enjoy. It is recommended for children aged 3 and up and the maximum weight per user it can hold is 100 pounds.

Features:Blast Zone MISTY KINGDOM

  • Fun slide with sprayers that can be used if the bouncer is used wet
  • A splash pool or a ball pit; either way it is fun
  • A large bouncing surface where children can have unlimited fun
  • One miniature slide that is used to climb up to the bouncer; it can also be used by toddlers
  • Safety netting around the bounce house to secure the children while they play
  • Stakes to firmly anchor the bouncer to the ground and prevent it from moving and falling over
  • Heavy duty blower to provide continuous air flow
  • Repair kit included for easy repairing and maintenance
  • Made from commercial grade PVC

How to assemble the Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer?

It takes only mere minutes to inflate the bouncer and assemble it. The bouncer should first be rolled out and lay down on the ground. Connect the blower to an electrical outlet and connect it to the bouncer. Let the blower run and it will inflate the bouncer in 1-2 minutes. The blower should be left connected while in use.

The bouncer should be firmly anchored to the ground before using it. This is important and make sure this important step is not neglected otherwise the bouncer can become a hazard.

If the bouncer is to be used wet, just connect the bouncer with a water hose to get the water from sprinklers.

Drying out the bouncer if used wet

Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer with slide


Most of the problems faced with these bouncers is when they are used wet.

The water normally leaks into the air chambers and it fills inside which seems impossible to take out. It is important to take out all the water otherwise, it will affect the lifetime of the toy and the bouncer will not inflate properly. Also, if there is water inside, it will be difficult to store it properly.

To dry it out, first deflate the bouncer which will take only minutes. Drain all the water out by tilting it over and pressing the surfaces down. After the water has dried out, inflate the bouncer again and let the blower run for hours while the bouncer is dry. This will dry it out completely.


User reviews

Users claimed that this bouncer really gave a blast to the children and children simply loved it for its fun features and all year round fun. Here is a summary of all the user reviews:


  • Easy to assemble
  • Hours of fun
  • All year round fun
  • Attractive
  • Durable


  • Some people find it hard to maintain
  • Some users complained it’s hard to dry out the water
  • Difficult to store it in the storage bag

Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park review


Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park for kidsFun for the whole family the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park is the perfect way to have a waterslide in your backyard. Packed with a bunch of fun ways for both adults and kids to keep cool during a sunny day. The Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park has a climbing wall as well as two slides leading to the giant pool. If you prefer to stay dry you can slide in the vortex tunnel or cool off with the shady clubhouse which is up high in the waterslide. All of these activities are available in a quick 3 minutes thanks to the continuous-airflow blower motor which makes inflating and deflating the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park a dream. And thanks to the heavy-duty Dura –Tech UV resistant PVC used in the construction of the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park you know it is going to last through years of fun outdoor activities.

The recommended age for kids using the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park is 5 years 5 months old and upwards but kids from 3-4 years have been known to use the slide under supervision. (Warning small parts choking hazard for kids less than 3 years of age).

Dimensions: 18.5 x 17 x 43 inches

Combined maximum user weight limit: 400 lbs


  • Durable PVC Construction
  • UV Resistant Material (Plastic)
  • Continuous- airflow blower motor
  • Two Slides
  • Wall scaling
  • Large Splash Pool
  • Vortex Tunnel
  • Shady Club house area


Comes with a 60 days limited warranty which cannot be extended.

How to assemble the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park?

Due to its size the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park comes with its own continuous-air blower which can have the slide inflated in less than 5 minutes (sometimes even less). Setting up the slide with water does take considerably longer due to sheer size of the waterslide. But roughly 20 minutes of continuous water from your (average) garden hose has the waterslide up and running.

Increase life

Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park with water slideSome users have reported having an issue with draining water from the waterpark.

Due to the size of the slide, it can sometimes still contain water after being stowed away. This can lead to the PVC material being worn away leading to the splitting of seams and perished PVC overtime.

So make sure that the waterslide is 100% dry when you are putting it away for next time.

User Reviews:

When searching for user reviews online, people were generally happy with this inflatable water park. In fact, one parent, Daniel, even said that the kids were having more fun on this slide than he could ever imagine. Below is a summary of what users generally like and dislike about the Banzai inflatable aqua park.

Easy setup roughly takes 1 hour to be 100% ready to go.
Can hold a large number of kids roughly 5-6 (manufacturer recommends 4-5 kids at a time!)
Fun for roughly 8 hours at a time.
Components are well designed and durable.
Easy to store (easily fits in inexpensive trash cans).

Need large flat area to make sure that the slide is safe for kids.
Drying can take some time due to the slides size.
Bumper guard for the curved slide could be taller to discourage kids to climb.

Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Inflatable Bouncer with Slides

Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Inflatable Bouncer with Slides

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Provide your children unlimited fun and adventure with the Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Inflatable Bouncer with Slides designed for your backyard. The inflatable bouncer is versatile and can be used as a ball pool or as a water park, each of the options giving a different and unique adventure to the children all year round.

This inflatable bouncer with slides features a fun Zulu bouncer which is a huge jumping surface in the middle. The children can either jump on the bouncing surface or climb up to the mega slides, both of which lead down to the Tiki Lagoon. There are sprinklers above both the slides that create the torrents and make the slides even more exciting. The Tiki lagoon can be left dry, filled with water or filled with balls for exciting adventures.

The Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Inflatable Bouncer is made up of heavy duty commercial grade material that is sure to last a long time to come if it is maintained properly. It is designed for children with maximum weight of 100 pounds per child. The total weight capacity it can hold is 500 pounds. However, reviews tell that people arrange big parties with around 15 children to have a blast in it without any problem. Children from ages 3 and up can use the bouncer. Even the toddlers would love to bounce on it with parent supervision.

Give your children their very own amusement park for the summers so they can enjoy endlessly in your backyard while you cool off and relax.


  • a huge jumping surface in the middle measuring 8’ X 8’
  • a very huge size of the unit measuring 16 x 15 x 8
  • 2 mega slides with sprinklers to create rapids and make the slides exciting
  • 1 small slide used for climbing up on the jumping surface
  • A good sized splash pool to fill with balls, water or to leave dry
  • A mesh cover to cover the bouncing surface for added safety
  • Heavy duty Blower included
  • Made from heavy duty commercial grade material
  • Repair kit and detailed instructions included

How to assemble the Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Inflatable Bouncer with Slides?

Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids inflatable bouncer for kids

<– Kids and adults having fun on the Rainforest Rapids.

Photo courtesy of Black Diamond Images on Flickr)





To put this beast up, you only need to roll it out from the storage bag and connect it with the blower. The bouncer blows up in seconds. The blower has to be left connected while the children play. The air comes out from the seams and the fabric.

How to store the Rainforest Rapids Inflatable Bouncer properly for increased durability

For proper maintenance, it is required to keep this thing dry and then store it. If you fill it with water, it will be a bit difficult to dump the water out since there are no drain holes. However, the drop at the front allows for easy drainage. The unit has to be deflated to dump the water easily. However, some of the water seeps inside and it becomes difficult to dry it completely. For this, it is recommended to inflate the unit again after draining the water and let the blower run for hours while the unit is dry. This would dry it out completely and would help in storing the beast.

User review

“This is great for summer. I put it in the pool area where I can lounge and relax while my kids go crazy jumping and sliding on it. They have a party almost every other day and the whole neighborhood joins in to have a blast. This is really cool for the summer vacations and would keep the children busy for countless hours.”

Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable water Park with Dual Slides

Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Water Park

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Perfect for summer, the Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable water Park with Dual Slides is great for bottomless fun for your children while they splash, climb and slide on the inflatable crocodile slide and the water park underneath.

This Crocodile-themed Inflatable slides by Blast Zone is made up of X- Weave heavy duty 420 D and 500 D materials, features a large water park, with an exciting and adventurous climber that leads to the dual slides. Your child can either slide down the tail of the crocodile or down his mouth and then splash for some time in the crocodile lagoon. Children would definitely be tempted to climb up the climber again and again for a myriad of joy and excitement.

This is perfect to get your home ready for the summer splurge so that the children can have a great day every day right in your backyard.

The water park and slides allow the children to have many hours of amusement in the water while also being physically active by taking the daring challenge to climb up the crocodile and slide down on the steep slides. It lets the children indulge in many water activities along with other children and build their interpersonal and social skills as well. The crocodile theme encourages imaginative play as well.

The Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable water Park is designed for children aged 3 and up. However, toddlers can also use the slides but with parents’ supervision. The set can take up to 300 pounds total while the weight per user can be maximum 100 pounds. However, only 5 children are allowed to play at once. Although an adult would really get the urge to use it, it is too small for and will probably get damaged.


  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Includes UL-Listed continuous blower
  • Two slides with safe slope
  • Made up of X-Weave Heavy Duty 420D and 500D materials
  • Includes an easy and quick deflation valve that deflates the unit in seconds
  • Packs up to the size of a large sleeping bag
  • Takes only 1 minute to inflate
  • Unit measures 16’ X 16’ X 8’ after inflation
  • Includes Inflatable Unit, Blower Fan, Stakes, Repair Kit, and Instructions

How to assemble the Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Inflatable water Park?

Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Water Park with slide for kidsThe package comes complete with all the assembly requirements. To assemble, it only needs to be inflated using the heavy duty blower provided.

The blower should be left to run while the children are playing. The stake should be used to secure the water park firmly in place.

Assembling only requires 1 minute and any person can do it.


Increasing lifetime of the Crocodile Isle Inflatable water Park with Dual Slides

To increase the lifespan of inflatable toys, it is important to maintain and repair them whenever necessary. The package includes repair kit which can be used to repair if there is any puncture on this playset. You can also use rubber cement to fill up the holes and cover it with duct tape. Doing this repairing in time will prevent further wear and tear of the toy and will make it last longer.

User review

“This is great for outdoor water fun during the summers. In cold season, we have the unit inflated indoors without water and then the children enjoy on the slides. It is really the best toy we ever purchased. Our children absolutely love it and they play on it whole day long. We even inflate the unit for small parties so children can enjoy in it.”

Sportcraft SpongeBob and Friends Waterslide with Sports Center

Featuring a bundle of fun features, the Sportcraft SpongeBob and Friends Waterslide with Sports Center provides a myriad of joy and excitement. During the summer season, water activities are something children anticipate for. This inflatable water park provides many different water activities all in one unit that promise to keep the children busy for many hours on end.

The Sportcraft SpongeBob and Friends inflatable waterslide features a fun and smooth slide, basketball hoop and volleyball net, an exciting climber, and an overhead sprinkler all integrated in one unit. Children will love to splash in the water, throw the ball over the net or in the basket, climb up the easy gripping wall, and get sprinkled with water before they slide down the exciting slide.

This SpongeBob-themed waterslide with Sports Center lets the children enjoy during the summer while making them physically active and developing their social and interpersonal skills as they play along with other children.

This inflatable water park is designed for children aged 3 till 11. However, younger children of 3 to 5 years should be supervised when they climb up the wall. The maximum weight it can take is 240 pounds but the weight per user has to be around 100 pounds. Although adults would be tempted to use it, it is not suitable for it.

The bright colors and coral features like jelly fish canopy make it great for water fun. It is made of high grade PVC and is designed to last a long time to come.


  • Includes a water slide with detachable overhead sprinkler that makes the slide slippery and more exciting
  • Bright and cool colors with SpongeBob theme and jelly fish canopy
  • Basketball hoop, detachable volleyball net and ball included with it to provide a water sports center for the children to enjoy while they splash away
  • Heavy duty continuous fan blower included which sets it up in less than 2 minutes
  • The unit deflates and packs up in a small carrying case which is included with it
  • Repair kit to make repairing and maintenance easy that increases the lifespan of the unit
  • Exciting climbing wall to make it easy yet adventurous to climb on the slide
  • Made from heavy duty, puncture resistant material that will ensure that the product lasts for a long time to come
  • Unit measures 17’9″L x 9’8″W x 9’H which is large enough to allow up to 5 children to play on it

How to assemble the Sportcraft SpongeBob and Friends Waterslide with Sports Center?

To inflate the unit, it only takes a minute or two. The unit should be connected to the blower and it inflates by itself without any intervention. The blower should be left connected while it is being used. The water should be filled manually using any water pipe and hose. The overhead sprinkler should be connected to the water hose. The volleyball net can be attached easily if the children want to use it.

Tips for deflating the unit

Usually it is a problem for people to deflate such massive units especially when there is water in it. Since there is no drain hole in it, of course, it becomes difficult to drain the water out.

However, the unit can first be deflated and then the water can be drained so that it will be easy. The water will drain out itself if the unit is deflated. Other than this, one of the sides can be dropped down to allow the water to flow out. This will help in easy deflation.

User review

“We bought it for summer to have something to get out children busy for the entire summer vacations. It was a big hit at our home and the entire neighborhood was dying to come over and use it. However, the maximum weight capacity did not allow more than 5 small children at a time so the other kids who could not use it were a little disappointed. But it was great for our own children and they simply love to play on it every day during vacations. They even refuse to go out anywhere!”

KidWise Arc Arena II Sports Bounce House review

KidWise Arc Arena II Sports Bounce House

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The KidWise Arc Arena II Sports Bounce House is the best play set any active and sporty kid could have. If your kid wants to be the next Jeremy Lin or David Beckham, you should definitely consider getting this bounce house.

It provides hours and hours of fun playtime and promotes good sportsmanship, as kids can play soccer and basketball in it – very good alternatives for when they get tired of jumping around.

Recommended for kids 3 years and up, with a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs. The manufacturer advises a maximum user count of 4 at one time, but it can very well fit more according to one user.


  • An open goal on each end for soccer
  • Vertical hoops with nets atop the goals for basketball
  • Overall dimension of 10’ W x20’L x 10’H
  • 6 neoprene balls included
  • Air blower, stakes, zip carry bag and instructions also included

How to assemble the KidWise Arc Arena II Sports Bounce House?

Setting up and taking down the Arc Arena II Sports Bounce House is fairly easy. A single person can perform the whole process on his or her own. The product, when not yet inflated, can be a little heavy, though that wouldn’t be much of a problem. Assembly would still be manageable for one person.

By using the air blower or air pump, it should not take more than 5 to 10 minutes to inflate the whole bounce house. Keep in mind that inflating it to the point of popping is not a good idea. Doing so would be like holding your breath for too long. You should let the bounce house “breathe” by leaving a little space for more air. This way, even if you apply the maximum weight limit on product, it won’t pop on the seams.

Safety tips for your KidWise Arc Arena II Sports Bounce House

The Arc Arena II Sports Bounce House comes with specially made balls for a reason.

Needless to say, you must not use other kinds of balls or equipment that have rough surfaces, and are pointy or sharp, on the bounce house which can scratch, poke into, or damage the play set in any way.

Never taking it down and keeping it in storage is also not advisable. Not using it once in a while would ensure a long life for your product. And when you store or put it away, make sure that you put it in its bag dry. Moisture that is locked in for a long time can cause very unfavorable effects.

If, due to excessive use, the product gets holes, remember to use the provided repair kit to patch them up, instead of using duct tape. Depending on the size of the hole, you should allow at least an inch to an inch and a half of covering material around it. Also make sure that you have secured or glued the material on properly and evenly, without gaps or creases on the edges, to avoid having to redo the repair.

User reviews

I am so glad I chose this bounce house over the others I saw on the internet. My kids love it! 5 big kids can easily fit into it with plenty of room to spare, that even I can get in it. It’s also high enough that 5-foot kid does not hit the roof when bouncing. A delightful bonus is the air pump that we use to pump all our other balls with, too.

Considering its size, it’s quite heavy, weighing about 80 pounds, to lift when storing it away and it doesn’t fit into the bag that was provided. Nonetheless, I really like this bounce house. It has plenty of room and allows plenty of different games to play.

–  review by C. Rich